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Page 33 of June 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, June 1999

Le Mans! Camera! Action!

Remember the film 'Le Mans'? Jonathan Williams does: he was the man hired to drive the camera car, Steve McQueen's own Porsche 908, in the actual race to get realistic footage. This is his story. Not long ago, I spent a couple of hours sitting at a table in a French hotel, signing my name five hundred times. I was rewarded at the rate of two dollars per scribble, which strikes me as the kind of...

Page 101 of July 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 101, July 2013

Timing is everything

The symbiosis between watchmaking and motor racing is complete. In both worlds, time and accuracy are all that count. It's no wonder that some of the most familiar commercial partnerships in the sport, between teams and individual drivers, have been forged between the timepiece elite and their track counterparts. Here, in this special supplement, we acknowledge that bond and investigate how — and...

Page 41 of December 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, December 2008

Porsche's hottest numbers

In 60 years the Stuttgart firm has produced some glorious cars. Picking the 10 best models would be tricky enough, but the 10 best individual chassis? Time to turn to a true Porsche expert… By Michael Cotton There was a time when I did not care for Porsches at all. There, heresy confessed! My school exercise books were covered in drawings of Ferrari and Maserati Grand Prix cars, beautiful front-...

Page 28 of October 1991 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, October 1991

Delirium Tremens -- Jo Siffert remembered

An indomitable will to win IN 1948 at Bremgarten a 12 year-old Swiss boy watched, entranced, as a Frenchman wove his magic driving a Gordini. The boy's name was Joseph Siffert, the Frenchman's Raymond Sommer. Coeur de Lion, they called the latter, Lionheart. It was his name long before anyone ever thought of coining it for Nigel Mansell, and Sommer was an artist, a man to whom the manner in...

Page 85 of June 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 85, June 2002

A winner and a gentleman

Modern corporate Formula One is a million miles from the carefree days of racing that Rob Walker graced - but he still enjoyed and kept in touch with it. Andrew Frankel remembers an arch enthusiast who did his winning in style The most telling thing about Robert Ramsay Campbell Walker, I always thought, was not his fine achievements as a private team owner but the fact that his occupation in his...

Page 18 of September 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, September 2011

Le Mans cars hit Chelsea

Le Mans cars hit Chelsea Cars from Le Mans in the 1960s and famous team patrons will be two of the themes of the second Chelsea AutoLegends, which will be held in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea on Sunday September 4. The event's theme is the Swinging Sixties and cars that from that era will form a central part of a display featuring 30 Le Mans racers. Ferrari will have examples of the...

Page 85 of April 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 85, April 1999

1999 - The essential guide to the season

From Coys to Goodwood, Le Mans to Monza, this season's historic calendar is packed with thrills. Marcus Pye previews the best action. From ignominious failure to heroic Formula One World Championship success, engineering folly to mechanical wizardry, the story of British Racing Motors is a compelling one. Back in 1949, when the shattering sound of the first supercharged V16 engine roused the...

Page 36 of November 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, November 2004

In the hot seat

Le Mans was just another race to Roy Salvadori. Blessed with the fastest name this side of the Channel, this true Brit loves Goodwood, but says that Ferrari is in his blood... Were you using the same settings as John Surtees in the Yeoman Credit Coopers during 1961? Eric Perrin, Geneva, Switzerland I wanted to stay on the factory settings. John had a lightweight car and played about with his, but...

Page 28 of November 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, November 1997

The power or the glory?

Is Formula One today merely a sad, bloated caricature of its once glorious past or have we, in fact, never had it so good? Shaun Campbell casts an impassive eye over the years and decides Was there ever a golden time of Grand Prix racing and, if so, when was it? What gives it distinction? Are we experiencing one now, or the good old days finally gone forever? And they really that good? Is it even...

Page 26 of June 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, June 2001

Long-distance operator

One of Britain's unsung motorsport heroes, Derek Bell's sportscar skills are often overlooked by an F1-hungry media. Andrew Frankel asks a living legend to reflect on his exploits at Le Mans which yielded five superb wins Cold, wet day at Snetterton. Team Bentley are testing the new EXP Speed 8 Le Mans car. The press have been invited and Derek Bell is doing what he does second-best: entertaining...



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