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Page 9 of October 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, October 1953


MATTERS OF MOMENT BRITAIN'S BONNIE BABIES The Welfare State, whatever else may be said and thought about it, has contrived to produce bonnie British babies—the rising generation of mechanically-minded youngsters. Conversely, the Welfare State has pushed up the cost of living so that motoring, amongst other things, is intolerably expensive. With food, fare, clothes and pastimes inflated far beyond...

Page 33 of March 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, March 1933


THE MONTE CARLO WEEK ROUNDING OFF THE RALLY ACOMPETITION, motoring or otherwise, which is not declared by someone to be unfair, is an almost unknown thing. The International Sporting Club, the Automobile Club of Monaco, and M. Anthony Noghes, the President of the A.C.M. on whom the heaviest part of the work of organisation falls, therefore deserve every congratulation on the success of the Monte...

Page 21 of August 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, August 1953


COMPETITIONS MANAGERS INTRODUCTION The Competitions Manager of a racing team carries a load of responsibility. His is the task of organising all the hundredand-one details that accompany the entry of a manufacturer's team of cars in international racing contests. Primarily the Competitions Manager has to plan his race strategy and pit-work for long-distance races, such as Le Mans, giving orders...

Page 58 of July 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, July 1977

Book Reviews

"Allard -The Inside Story" by Tom Lush. 207 pp. 9+ in. x 7; in. (Motor Racing Publications, 28 Devonshire Road, London, W4 2HD. £7.95.) Although we reviewed an Allard history as recently as last May, and very good it is, if you can afford the extra price of Lush's book you will get more information and more pictures about this very sporting, now defunct, make of car. Indeed, this book is more...

Page 55 of October 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, October 2013

100 reasons why we love Aston Martin

There are certain companies that immedately conjure a British way of life. Aston Martin is one of those. Redolent of polished wood, the scent of leather, of pulling up at polo match or cricket pitch, it is a name recognised across the world. This year the company celebrates its centenary something which few of its early figureheads would have predicted. It's been a rocky100 years, an anxious...

Page 58 of March 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, March 2000

Humfrey Symons - motoring adventurer

He was the 'Times' motoring correspondent when his eye for PR and a nose for a challenge began to enlarge his horizons. Bill Boddy follows the trail of a journalist with a wanderlust. That gentleman journalist, the late Humfrey E Symons, tall, balding, smartly dressed, could certainly be termed a motor-adventurer. He was Sports Editor of The Motor and had a part in other motor journals before...

Page 21 of December 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, December 1976

Matters of moment

Fun from your fuel With the cost of everyday existence ever rising, Britain running up enormous debts, and food prices failing to stabilise, those pessimists who forecast that the cost of a gallon of petrol will soon be £1 are probably right, or not far wrong. Which gives rise to the thought that with the cost of this essential fluid so high it behoves all of us to get the best we can from it,...

Page 3 of November 1944 archive issue thumbnail Page 3, November 1944

"Those were the days"

Lionel Martin looks back Soon the war will be over and we must look forward. Meanwhile it is pleasant to look back, and in this interesting contribution Lionel Martin describes some of his experiences in the very early days, and throws yet more light on the origin and development of the Bamford and Martin Aston-Martin.--Ed. The Editor has paid me the very high compliment of asking me to write...

Page 15 of September 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 15, September 1942


Sixteen-valve Aston-Martin It is really rather astonishing how Bamford and Martin-type Aston-Martins have been coming to light recently and changing hands. Ever since Mr. Ellis of Stockport wrote to say he was hoping to acquire Johnson-Ferguson's 2-seater side-valve car to keep his other two side-valvers company news of these cars has continued to come in. Grosscurth bought a s.v. clover-leaf in...

Page 7 of November 1945 archive issue thumbnail Page 7, November 1945

The Meeting of the Clubs

Important and useful discussion at the R.A.C. The meeting at the R.A.C. on September 28th was a most successful and invaluable occurrence. It was called by the Competitions Committee of the R.A.C. to enable the representatives of recognised motor clubs to meet the members of the Competitions Committee and to express their opinions on divers matters appertaining to the Sport and make requests and...



August 2019
100 years, three cars, one epic track test



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