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Page 10 of August 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, August 2000

The 39th Targa Floria youth to the fore

This year, the age old Targa Florio took on a new lease of life as it became an event counting for the manufacturers' world championship of sportscars. With the situation very open between Jaguar; Ferrari, and Mercedes-Benz, the race took on the position of the final decision for the honours in this championship. Mercedes-Benz went to Sicily in full force, while Ferrari did the best they could...

Page 56 of December 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, December 1997

Team mates

Is he best friend or mortal enemy? Do you follow your leader or push him off the track? Shaun Campbell investigates the curious world of the F1 team-mate We call men who drive for the same marque 'team-mates', just as we do players in a football eleven or a rugby fifteen. But there the similarity ends. For motor racing is a team sport only in the sense that a large number of people are required...

Page 50 of November 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, November 2013


Kimi's move to Ferrari recalls other feisty driver pairings; Shell film rekindles the bravery that the old Spa demanded, and Brundle goes back to the Fifties with boot polish For the majority of Formula 1 fans, I like to think, that fortnight encompassing Spa and Monza remains the core of any Grand Prix season. As long-time enthusiast Clive James remarked in his column in the Telegraph, “When the...

Page 26 of May 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, May 1955

Continental Notes

At the time of writing the Mille Miglia is still three weeks away, but by the time these words are read it will actually be taking place, starting as it does during the evening of Saturday April 30th for the small touring cars, and the early hours of Sunday morning May 1st, for the faster sports cars. There seem to be three methods of attacking this most difficult of all races, the first being to...

Page 31 of April 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, April 1993

A famous Vanwall victory

Reader JA McCaul has written to say that in 1957, when he was nine years old, his mother and father took him and his two brothers on holiday to Italy. By chance they had gone to Pescara, on the Adriatic coast, in August, the main factor being that they were able to rent a flat belonging to the family of their au pair. On Sunday August 18 mother took her youngest son to the beach, while father...

Page 14 of November 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, November 2010

Nigel Roebuck

REFLECTIONS A revelation from Rubens, and a Monza masterclass When the Wood Brothers went to Indianapolis… A Grand Prix driver doesn’t often come out with something that takes your breath away in these days of PR control and ‘spin’. The press room is – of course – always alive with rumour and gossip, and as each season draws on there is increasing speculation about who goes where next year. It...

Page 36 of November 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, November 2010


Tyre stop ruined nail-biter Sir, I can’t help but reflect on what a stunning race to the flag we might have witnessed at Monza if not for the mandatory tyre stop rule. We had a classic situation of a driver with a faster car riding the tail of a driver making not a hint of a mistake under pressure. Yet any chance of watching this nail-biter play out to the end was ruined by the arbitrary,...

Page 112 of October 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 112, October 2013

Special effects

We reveal personal relics from the racing life of Luigi Musso, one of the ‘lost generation’ of ’50s Italian racers Many of you might remember the photographic feature we published on Alberto Ascari in the July 2012 issue. The incredible selection of memorabilia was the property of a private collector who was only too happy to let us take a camera into his home. Fast-forward nine months and the...

Page 30 of April 1997 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, April 1997

Compound fractures

The tyre battle in 1997 is but the latest of a war that's been raging since the '50s. Nigel Roebuck looks at the bald facts At the 1977 Japanese Grand Prix, one kazuyoshi hoshino qualified 11th. There is no particular reason why this fact should detain us, save that Hoshino's car, a locally built Kojima with Cosworth DFV power, was running on Bridgestone tyres. It was a one-off event for the...

Page 24 of April 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, April 1984

Ferrari's English connections

"The great thing about Ferrari," explained Harvey Postlethwaite, "is that they not only have a tremendously quick response time, but they will try anything. You haven't even the faintest idea of how many experimental things are tried and discarded without ever seeing the public light of day. De Dion suspensions, turbochargers . . . you've no idea!" The Ferrari team's English chief of Formula...



December 2019
Ford vs Ferrari: The Le Mans '66 Film Special



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