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Page 18 of July 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, July 1965

The V.S.C.C. at Oulton Park

THE beautiful setting of Oulton Park, the scene of the V.S.C.C. Richard Seaman Trophies Meeting, was set off to perfection by sunny weather, and a splendidly varied day's racing was run off successfully, if somewhat behind schedule. On the Friday Cameron Millar rolled his ex-Hunt Maserati 250F which he was driving for the first time and which was timed at 115 m.p.h. through the Knicker Brook 1/4-...

Page 65 of April 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 65, April 1989

Piston speed

Sir, In writing that "the traditional way of making an engine run faster is to make one with more small cylinders" (Formula One Engine Design Trends, Motor Sport, January 1989), I was not stating that this was the only (or even the best) approach for producing a powerful or successful engine, but simply that this has been the traditional approach to high specific power; and It is an approach that...

Page 3 of September 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 3, September 1942

Racing car evolution part II: 1909-1916

In the issue of March, 1942, we published a long article by Cecil Clutton dealing with racing car evolution between 1895 and 1908. This contribution was so very well received that it occurred to us to continue this account of the development of the racing car down the years. Articles of this nature involve an immense amount of thought and research, and the author of the original was quite unable...

Page 6 of July 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, July 1943

The fair sex should race – a defence

At the Second Brains Trust most of the assembled brains thought that women should either not race at all or should do so on their own. In this outspoken article a girl enthusiast, who has spectated frequently at British and Continental races, and who wants to see more women competing after the war, defends her sex. – Ed. There was so much nonsense talked on the subject of women in motor-racing at...

Page 20 of July 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, July 1942

Letters from readers

Sir, Having recently read the article which appeared in Motor Sport some months ago by a New Zealand enthusiast, I am prompted to make my small contribution to this worthy journal, which was, until a few months ago, entirely unknown to me. More's the pity. If I make rather heavy weather of it, I ask you to make allowances and try to remember that I find the "spanner mightier than the pen."...

Page 23 of August 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, August 1958


A section devoted to old-car matters INTEREST in vintage cars is spreading rapidly in Belgium. Stopping at a Shell garage just outside Charleroi recently, we met George Rapailde and his wife, who proudly showed us their Amilcar, which they described as a Type CGS, being a 1925 s.v. Gran Sport in a very nice rebuilt condition. Purchased last year in Belgium they overhauled it and have already...

Page 39 of April 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, April 1965

Vintage postbag

P.V.T. Sir, Glancing, through your article "Thoughts about P.V.T." in last month's issue, I noticed that you ask how the list of accepted cars was arrived at. Perhaps you have forgotten, it was arrived at by a Referendum sent to all members soon after it was decided to accept any post-1930 cars, and reported in the January 1946 Bulletin. This seemed the most democratic way, giving all members a...

Page 35 of October 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, October 1965

Book Reviews

"Grand Prix Racing-1906-1914," by T.A.S.O. Mathieson. 300 pp. 10 in x 12 in. (Autobooks Ltd., Bennett Road, Brighton, Sussex. £6, 6s. post free) This book is one of the more exciting pieces of motor-racing literature to appear in recent times. It is a fabulous pictorial history of the Grand Prix de l'A.C.F. from 1906 to 1914 inclusive. The pictures come from a selection of over 10,000 negatives,...

Page 17 of March 1951 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, March 1951


THAT 1954 FORMULA Sir, I am writing to tell you about a meeting the constructors of racing ears had with Earl Howe and Colonel Barnes at the R.A.C. on Wednesday, February 7th. This meeting was attended by representatives from H.W.M., Connaught, B.R.M. and Alta. E.R.A. were sending a representative who, unfortunately, did not turn up. The purpose of the meeting was to bring to the attention of...

Page 17 of June 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, June 1947

The Twin-Cam Aston-Martins

As some readers may remember, I wrote a few notes on the Bamford and Martin side-valve Aston-Martin cars some few years ago, and, whilst my first s.v. car is still in the family it is not in my possession, my brother having taken it over after he was demobbed. The four-seater was sold to Mr. Yeates of Eccles, and all I have left is the ex-Zborowski Grand Prix 16-valve car. It is with this car...



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