F1 records: poles, wins and championships


The Formula 1 records held by the likes of Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton and Jim Clark

Lewis Hamilton, 2020 Turkish GP

Lewis Hamilton holds the majority of F1's major driver records

Dan Istitene - Formula 1/Formula 1 via Getty Images

The greats of every Formula 1 generation make up the majority of the lists but it’s Lewis Hamilton that owns the majority of driver records nowadays.

After 71 years of Formula 1 racing, there is an extensive history and list of record holders since the inaugural 1950 season started it all off.

The likes of Juan Manuel Fangio, Jim Clark, Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher have etched their names into history with several feats and records of their own.

A lower mortality rate than the sports early years and more races in the modern era means records have been eclipsed by newer faces, but the benchmarks continue to be beaten.

2021 could be another record-breaking season for Hamilton as he hones in on the all-time record for championships won. He is currently tied on seven with Schumacher but stands a good chance of clinching title number eight in 2021.

Some are still held by other all-time greats, with the less obvious statistics still bearing their name.

*All stats correct as of the 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix


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One of Lewis Hamilton’s records that will take some beating, the Mercedes driver tops the list for pole positions by quite some distance. Sebastian Vettel is the closest of his contemporaries on 57, but the likes of Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna are well beneath the benchmark Hamilton continues to raise.

F1 pole position record-holders

F1 pole positions
Lewis Hamilton 98
Michael Schumacher 68
Ayrton Senna 65
Sebastian Vettel 57
Jim Clark 33
Alain Prost 33
F1 pole positions
Ferrari 228
McLaren 155
Williams 128
Mercedes 126
Lotus 107


Lewis Hamilton, 2020 Spanish Grand Prix

Hamilton claimed the pole record at the 2020 Spanish Grand Prix




Lewis Hamilton claimed this record at the 2020 Turkish Grand Prix with one of his finest drives in recent memory. The previously high water mark left by Michael Schumacher that many thought untouchable at 91 has been surpassed, and there’s no reason why Hamilton couldn’t push the new record well into triple digits before he calls time on his career.

F1 race win record-holders

F1 wins
Lewis Hamilton 96
Michael Schumacher 91
Sebastian Vettel 53
Alain Prost 51
Ayrton Senna 41
F1 wins
Ferrari 238
McLaren 182
Mercedes 116
Williams 114
Lotus 79
Lewis Hamilton, 2020 Eifel GP

Victory in the Eifel GP in 2020 put Hamilton on 92 race wins, giving him the all-time record



Fastest Laps

With the advent of point for fastest lap being introduced at the start of the 2019 season, there is more variety of drivers setting the fastest race lap during a grand prix. Michael Schumacher’s metronomic domination at Ferrari in the early 2000s still stands as the record for fastest laps at 77.

F1 championship record-holders

F1 fastest laps
Michael Schumacher 77
Lewis Hamilton 53
Kimi Räikkönen 46
Alain Prost 41
Sebastian Vettel 38
F1 fastest laps
Ferrari 254
McLaren 158
Williams 133
Mercedes 85
Lotus 70


Michael Schumacher, 2012 German GP

Schumacher secured fastest lap number 77 at the 2012 German Grand Prix

Lars Baron/Getty Images



Another Lewis Hamilton record to fall in his incredible seventh-title-clinching campaign, he holds the record for most podiums along with his pole positions and wins record. Michael Schumacher is still far out in front with the 155 throughout his career while Sebastian Vettel’s 121 could be added to further if he can recapture past form. Out of all the teams though, there is a clear leader out in front: Ferrari.

F1 podium record-holders

F1 podiums
Lewis Hamilton 167
Michael Schumacher 155
Sebastian Vettel 121
Alain Prost 106
Kimi Räikkönen 103
F1 podiums
Ferrari 773
McLaren 488
Williams 312
Mercedes 238
Red Bull 184
2019 Singapore Grand Prix podium

The latest Ferrari one-two at the 2019 Singapore Grand Prix

Grand Prix Photo


Tied at seven apiece, Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton are out in front as the two most successful drivers of all time when it comes to world titles. Hamilton will have a great chance of adding a record-breaking eighth to his name in 2021, if he can hold off Max Verstappen.

F1 championship record-holders

F1 championships
Michael Schumacher 7
Lewis Hamilton 7
Juan Manuel Fangio 5
Alain Prost 4
Sebastian Vettel 4
F1 championships
Ferrari 16
Williams 9
McLaren 8
Lotus 7
Mercedes 7
Michael Schumacher, French GP 2004 / Lewis Hamilton, 2020 Turkish GP

Tied on seven, will Hamilton claim it outright with eight in 2021?

Grand Prix Photo



Kimi Räikkönen’s longevity in F1 is fuelled by his enjoyment of racing, or so he says. The Finn is currently racing in his 20th season with Alfa Romeo, though fellow mid-2000s world champion Fernando Alonso is set to overtake Rubens Barichello for second this year, with the Spaniard returning to F1 with Alpine in 2021.

F1 race start record-holders

F1 starts
Kimi Räikkönen 330
Rubens Barrichello 322
Fernando Alonso 312
Michael Schumacher 306
Jenson Button 306
F1 starts
Ferrari 1009
McLaren 881
Williams 737
Lotus 489
Sauber 462
Kimi Räikkönen, 2021 Bahrain GP

Kimi Räikkönen continues to race in F1 20 years on from his debut with Sauber

Grand Prix Photo


Grand Slams

The hallmark of a dominant weekend, Jim Clark retains the record for most F1 grand slams. Pole, fastest lap, victory and every lap led of a race is an incredibly tough feat to achieve. In the modern era of F1, it is even rarer, with the additional point for fastest lap an appealing late-race option for teams inside the top 10.

F1 grand slam record-holders

F1 grand slams
Jim Clark 8
Lewis Hamilton 6
Alberto Ascari / Michael Schumacher 5
Jackie Stewart / Ayrton Senna 4
Nigel Mansell / Sebastian Vettel 4


Jim Clark, 1965 German GP

Jim Clark still holds the record for most Grand Slams in F1

GP Library/Universal Images Group via Getty Images


Total Laps Led

At the 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton overtook Michael Schumacher for the most laps led in F1. The Mercedes driver capped off another record-breaking race with victory over rival Max Verstappen, and the record is likely to be one of the toughest to beat after he’s stepped away from racing.

F1 laps led record-holders

F1 laps led
Lewis Hamilton 5126
Michael Schumacher 5111
Sebastian Vettel 3495
Ayrton Senna 2931
Alain Prost 2683


Lewis Hamilton, 2021 Bahrain GP

Hamilton took the record for most laps led at the 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix

Grand Prix Photo