Paul Fearnley

Having spent much of his formative years soaked and sideways in his father’s 1933 Frazer Nash TT Replica, Paul has long been in thrall to old cars and past – and current – motor racing. He joined Motoring News as junior rally reporter in 1990 and went freelance in 2005, having edited Motoring News, F1 Racing and Motor Sport in the meantime.

Latest articles from Motor Sport online

Backmarkers and the art of blocking

5th April 2012

The handbagging afters between Sebastian Vettel and Narain Karthikeyan in...

Perez: the fastest Mexican for 41 years

29th March 2012

They have made the right PC noises since, reaffirmed their commitment to each...

Beating your team-mate in Formula 1

21st March 2012

‘Beat your team-mate’ is as old as the sport. As racing motifs go, it’s up...

Formula 1's first round surprises

15th March 2012

Each season we await the opening round of the Formula 1 World Championship with...

Formula 1’s madman and design genius

6th March 2012

Who is the most influential designer to have worked in Grand Prix motor racing...

Why Ferrari is bad for Italian racing drivers

23rd February 2012

And then there were none: Italian drivers in Formula 1. The home of the most...



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