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On this day in motor sport – April 20-26

by Peter Higham, April 20th 2018

This week in motor sport, from the database April 20 April 21 April 22 April...

John Watson and the art of the pass

by Paul Fearnley, April 19th 2018

Drawing parallels between Chinese Formula 1 Grand Prix winner Daniel Ricciardo...

Moss' landmark 1958 Argentine GP victory

by Simon Arron, April 16th 2018

How Stirling Moss won the 1958 Argentine Grand Prix, and why it was such a...

Jim Clark – The best of the best, extract #4

by Web Editor, April 5th 2018

Part four in a series of extracts this week from Jim Clark – The Best of the...

Jim the man

by Jack Phillips, April 5th 2018

Examining the personality behind champion Jim – not Jimmy, almost never James...

Jim in America

by Paul Fearnley, April 4th 2018

The latest in our Jim Clark series turns attentions Stateside The moment...

Clark and Lotus all the way

by Web Editor, April 3rd 2018

Watch rare footage of the 1965 German Grand Prix, won by Jim Clark "Out of six...

Jim Clark – The best of the best, extract #2

by Web Editor, April 3rd 2018

The second in a series of extracts this week from Jim Clark - The Best of the...

Jim the Junior

by Paul Fearnley, April 2nd 2018

Beginning a week of looking back on Jim Clark, Paul Fearnley considers the Scot...

Jim Clark – The best of the best, extract #1

by Web Editor, April 2nd 2018

The first in a series of extracts this week from Jim Clark - The Best of the...

On this day in motor sport – March 30-April 5

by Peter Higham, March 29th 2018

Looking into the database for the news on this day March 30 1948 Formula 3...

The secret to Jim Clark's speed

by Paul Fearnley, March 29th 2018

The method behind Jim Clark's talent It’s a glimpse but a telling one. Just...

Cracking F1’s curtain raisers

by Paul Fearnley, March 22nd 2018

Paul Fearnley explores the stories and statistics of Formula 1's first rounds...

'80s month: Pointless in South Africa

by Paul Fearnley, February 14th 2018

F1 and politics: mixing. Paul Fearnley revists Kyalami, 1981, for the latest...

Driving through the pain

by Paul Fearnley, December 7th 2017

Robert Kubica could be on the verge of following a long line of drivers who...

Post-title dips and depression

by Paul Fearnley, November 16th 2017

Hamilton's lapse at Interlagos? It's nothing new, as Paul Fearnley explains...

Myth Maker: Ferrari 312T3

by Paul Fearnley, October 12th 2017

The car that brought Gilles Villeneuve his first Grand Prix victory and placed...

One pole wonders

by Paul Fearnley, September 5th 2017

The all-time pole record is Hamilton's, but what of those (far) down the order...

Alfa Romeo's full F1 circle

by Paul Fearnley, December 22nd 2016

If, as big boss Sergio Marchionne has suggested, Alfa Romeo returns to Formula...

Bernd Rosemeyer – Hall of Fame nominee

by Ed Foster, November 1st 2016

Bernd Rosemeyer returns for another year as nominee for the Formula 1 category...



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