Anti-Ferrari, anti-Mansell

Why are you so anti-Ferrari? And anti-Nigel Mansell?
John Bonello

Dear John,

I'm not anti-Ferrari, believe me. I've loved Ferrari all my life, and even now, when I go to Maranello, it's not like visiting any other race team.

That said, I will concede that my enthusiasm for Ferrari has been somewhat diluted in recent years - perhaps I've never felt quite the same about the team since the Old Man died. In the Schumacher-Todt era, it became much less ‘Italian', much more ordered and efficient, and I suppose that for me that dissipated some of the magic. Why, these days the cars are not even painted Italian Racing Red!

I also think Ferrari has way too much political clout in F1, and I've been disturbed by some of the things the team has got away with in the last few years. Rightly or wrongly, in the paddock you will find an entrenched belief that ‘there's one law for Ferrari, and one for everyone else'.

As for Nigel Mansell, I got on with him extremely well throughout his career - until he went back to Williams (from Ferrari) in 1991. The following year he, and the dramatically superior Williams-Renault FW14B, walked the World Championship, and in that period he became insufferable - as anyone at Williams will tell you. Nigel always had a high opinion of himself, but in those years his arrogance was off the clock, and nothing was ever his fault.

Having said that, Mansell was manna for a journalist, because wherever he was, there was always a story. And although he rarely attends a Grand Prix these days, when he does we have no problems at all.


October 2019
Brawn Supremacy



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