Latest articles in F1 History

Watch Rindt and Stewart's greatest F1 battle

by Graham Keilloh, April 18th 2019

On the day that Jochen Rindt would have turned 77, watch footage of his...

Watch Senna's legendary Donington F1 lap

by Graham Keilloh, April 11th 2019

Relive possibly the finest lap in all of motor sport, as McLaren looks back to...

Michael Schumacher's final Formula 1 win

by Graham Keilloh, April 11th 2019

Ferrari's Michael Schumacher showed all of his hallmarks in the 2006 Chinese...

McLaren MP4/4 - F1's most dominant car

by Graham Keilloh, April 3rd 2019

Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost raced the legendary McLaren MP4/4 for the first...

The race that saved F1 as we know it

by Graham Keilloh, March 28th 2019

Formula 1's hybrid formula had a difficult infancy in 2014 which it might not...

Watch Senna's greatest lap dissected

by Graham Keilloh, March 21st 2019

Jo Ramírez and Gerald Donaldson explore the 1988 Monaco Grand Prix weekend...

Watch Lotus's last great Formula 1 innovation

by Graham Keilloh, March 19th 2019

Around 38 years on from it being kicked out of F1 practice, watch Clive Chapman...

The Australian Grand Prix that didn't go to form

by Graham Keilloh, March 14th 2019

In 1997 we approached the Melbourne season-opener expecting the same old – but...

Watch Hawthorn pip Moss to the 1958 F1 title

by Graham Keilloh, March 12th 2019

With a point for fastest lap making a Formula 1 comeback, we look back to when...

Donington Park: The Pioneers – extract 4

by Motor Sport, March 11th 2019

Our final extract from John Bailie's 'Donington Park: The Pioneers' takes us to...

Watch: The Lauda Legacy

by Graham Keilloh, March 8th 2019

Step back in time to Formula 1’s 1970s golden age with this incredible film...

Donington Park: The Pioneers – extract 3

by Motor Sport, March 8th 2019

This extract from 'Donington Park: The Pioneers' focuses on the "greatest...

Watch Jack Brabham's final F1 win

by Graham Keilloh, March 7th 2019

We have found rare footage of Black Jack's South African Grand Prix victory, 49...

When F1 teams were fashionably late

by Paul Fearnley, February 21st 2019

Teams used to regularly deliver their Formula 1 cars late, including Williams....

MPH: Cliff Allison – Britain's forgotten F1 ace

by Mark Hughes, February 8th 2019

Before the Formula 1 circus kicks into gear, grand prix editor Mark Hughes...

The good (and bad) times of Eddie Cheever

by Paul Fearnley, January 10th 2019

Looking back at Eddie Cheever's rocky journey to Formula 1, on the 1998 Indy...

Watch: A young Stirling Moss and his model cars

by Samarth Kanal, December 24th 2018

Stirling Moss and his partner play with slot cars in this 60-year-old news...

Jean-Pierre Van Rossem: F1's wildcard backer

by Paul Fearnley, December 20th 2018

Formula 1 podium finisher Stefan Johansson on Moneytron's eccentric owner, who...

The day Keke Rosberg (almost) arrived

by Paul Fearnley, December 6th 2018

Silverstone was soaked, Rosberg supreme – Paul Fearnley looks back on the 1978...

On this day in motor sport: November 30-December 6

by Peter Higham, November 30th 2018

Anniversaries from Formula 1, sports cars and more from the Archive and...



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