• Assen was despoiled some years ago, just like Catalunya more recently, but then the history of racing is a history of epic race tracks disappearing
  • The FIA and ACO have revealed where the World Endurance Championship is headed, led by its manufacturers, as Gary Watkins explains
  • The iconic Rothmans-liveried Porsche 962C on its way to victory in a stunning limited edition signed print. Available now on the Motor Sport shop.
  • Steve McQueen's son Chad sheds more light on his father's Le Mans
  • This run in an old Lotus is far more than just a nice day out
  • A Ford GT40 special – racing a GT40 at Spa with Gerhard Berger, the new GT tested and the forgotten GT. Elsewhere, Helmut Marko speaks to Mark Hughes
  • Motorcycling has lost one of its fastest, gentlest racers

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Audi v Peugeot – the gloves are off

Sports Cars History by Rob Widdows, March 12th 2008

(1971 Le Mans 24 Hours, Pedro Rodriguez & Jackie Oliver (Porsche 917 LH)...

'The show' rolls on

NASCAR Opinion by Gordon Kirby, March 7th 2008

Three races into the world’s longest racing season and NASCAR’s soap opera...

In the heat of the night

Motorcycles Opinion by Rob Widdows, March 5th 2008

I wonder if anyone else shares my fascination with this night racing thing? Or...

Torchlight tour of ghostly Brooklands

Historic Racing Opinion by Ed Foster, March 3rd 2008

Last week I jumped in the car and fought through the ‘variable’ speed limit on...

Tough choices

Indycar Opinion by Gordon Kirby, February 29th 2008

This week’s formal announcement of unification between IRL and Champ Car was...

Start your engines

NASCAR Opinion by Ed Foster, February 27th 2008

What a weekend; annoyingly much of the racing at California Speedway for the...

LA and NASCAR... the perfect weekend?

NASCAR Opinion by Ed Foster, February 25th 2008

As this goes live on Monday February 25 I will be 30,000 feet above the...

Racism in racing

F1 Opinion by Nigel Roebuck, February 22nd 2008

In recent days, the big talking point in Formula 1 has been the racist gestures...

IRL and Champ Car merger is the first of many steps

Indycar Opinion by Gordon Kirby, February 22nd 2008

As NASCAR’s Big Show moves from Daytona to southern California, news broke...

Anti-Ferrari, anti-Mansell

F1 Question and Answer by Nigel Roebuck, February 20th 2008

Why are you so anti-Ferrari? And anti-Nigel Mansell?John Bonello

World Champion Depailler

F1 Question and Answer by Nigel Roebuck, February 20th 2008

In your opinion, do you think that if Patrick Depailler had not had his hand...

All rounder Räikkönen

F1 Question and Answer by Nigel Roebuck, February 20th 2008

In the past couple of years Kimi Räikkönen has raced snow mobiles (like your...

First Grand Prix

F1 Question and Answer by Nigel Roebuck, February 20th 2008

Nigel, what was your first: (a) motor race meeting, and (b) F1 Grand Prix?Steve...

Here we go to Goodwood again

Historic Racing Race Preview by Rob Widdows, February 20th 2008

This week I bring news of the 2008 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Might this be a...

Derek Bell at Daytona

Sports Cars Opinion by Rob Widdows, February 19th 2008

It all began with a telephone call from his son. “Hey Dad, one of our drivers...

Kovalainen just might deliver more than Scotland

F1 Opinion by Ed Foster, February 18th 2008

The 2008 Formula 1 season is being hailed by many as possibly the most...

Big things in Littlehampton

F1 History by Rob Widdows, February 13th 2008

I went to Littlehampton this week, a little town by the sea that has many good...

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Magazine, January 28th 2008

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Contact Us

Magazine, January 28th 2008

Address: Motor Sport Magazine 18-20 Rosemont Road, London NW3 6NE UK Telephone...

The history of Motor Sport

Magazine by Ed Foster, January 28th 2008

How and why a magazine called the Brooklands Gazette made it to the bookstalls...


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