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Tuesday 29th July 2014


Formula 1

Ask Pat Symonds

Pat Symonds is coming in for the next Motor Sport podcast…

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2014 Hungarian GP report

Mark Hughes on Ricciardo’s win and the rest of the action in Hungary

Hungary’s racing past

A look back at the Hungarian GPs and some of the country’s drivers including Ferenc Szisz

2014 German GP report

Motor Sport’s Grand Prix editor on all the action from Hockenheim

Why FRICS is in the spotlight

Charlie Whiting’s letter to the teams about potentially illegal suspension systems explained

Proving the doubters wrong

Montoya’s win at Pocono proves he still has what it takes

Drama at Silverstone

All the highs and lows of the ever-important British Grand Prix

2014 British GP report

Lewis Hamilton claims his second Grand Prix victory at Silverstone

Why F1 needs Monza

Without the classic Italian circuit, F1 risks losing its beating heart

Jean Todt: the man with the keys to F1

A preview of the August issue of Motor Sport and our cover feature, an exclusive interview with FIA president Jean Todt

Formula Fun

How to bring the entertainment back into Formula 1 – and how not to go about it

Formula Student podcast

Are F1′s new rules working?

Petition: An F1 Revolution

The FIA alone cannot force through the overhaul we believe is required to secure a better future for Grand Prix …

Locked-out and out of luck

A history of front row lock-outs that didn’t result in a win

F1: a tough ride

Lack of finance, broken cars and hidden messages

London GP circuit

Lotus’s Marco Sørensen attacks London’s Docklands

Williams back at the front

A special weekend in Austria for Sir Frank’s team

Gurney at Brabham

Marking 50 years since the team’s maiden win at Rouen

2014 Austrian GP report

Another 1-2 for Mercedes, but probably its toughest yet

Formula 1 photo galleries

Motor Sport on Formula 1

Motor Sport was reporting on Grand Prix (F1) racing long before the World Championship started in 1950. It soon became the place to catch up on all the racing in Britain, Europe and even as far afield as Australia and America thanks to the work of our late Continental Correspondent Denis Jenkinson and our late Founder Editor Bill Boddy. Today it continues to be the authoritative voice on the sport with Editor-in-Chief Nigel Roebuck and Editor Damien Smith continuing in the footsteps of DSJ and WB.