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Saturday 30th May 2015


Formula 1

Why Michelin would be good for Formula 1

Michelin has expressed interest in returning to F1. Here’s why the sport needs it

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Monaco moments

Mercedes’ fumble, a more mature Hamilton, impressive rookies and a McLaren in the top 10: Monaco had its fair share of talking points

2015 Monaco GP report

Rosberg emerges victorious after a strategic blunder cost Hamilton a race he had led from the start

F1 to be six seconds faster, but 1000bhp dead

What F1 proposes to do about its current form and why solutions could only mask more problems

F1 revolution

The GPDA will launch a fan survey in Monaco. Here’s a reminder of what we think needs to happen in F1

Why Ferrari hasn’t been cheating

Ferrari’s fuel flow manipulation has not been illegal, but will be from this point on

Back in Barcelona

A weekend at the circuit the Formula 1 circus knows better than any other

2015 Spanish GP report

Nico Rosberg steps out of Lewis Hamilton’s shadow for his first win of the season

Where is Whitmarsh now?

What the ex-McLaren team principal has been up to since his ousting by Ron Dennis

Lee McKenzie podcast

An hour of Lee’s unique insight into the F1 paddock and what’s really going on at the moment.

1980 and the Balestre vs Bernie battle

As Formula 1′s potential to make money becomes clear, Ecclestone and Balestre try and wrestle control from each other

From Bahrain to Europe

Saying goodbye to this round of fly-away races with another relentless Hamilton victory and a stellar performance from Räikkönen

2015 Bahrain GP report

Hamilton wins again, but did team orders ruin the chance of a Räikkönen victory?

Ferrari’s exhaust revealed

A world exclusive look Ferrari’s exhaust and gearbox layout, which has been central to its performance

Robert De Niro to play Ferrari on the big screen

Enzo Ferrari will be played by Robert De Niro in a new biopic, but how will the rest of his world be portrayed?

Is Rosberg’s resolve cracking?

The wind seems to be out of the German’s sails. Does he have what it takes to fight Hamilton for the crown this year?

WEC vs F1

Forget the arguments over what the ‘pinnacle’ is – which series offers the best spectacle?

2015 Chinese GP report

Hamilton wins his second of the year while Rosberg fumes

Mike Earle podcast

An hour and a half talking about F5000, F3000, F2, F1 and Onyx’s backer Jean-Pierre van Rossem. Not to be missed…

Formula 1 photo galleries

Motor Sport on Formula 1

Motor Sport was reporting on Grand Prix (F1) racing long before the World Championship started in 1950. It soon became the place to catch up on all the racing in Britain, Europe and even as far afield as Australia and America thanks to the work of our late Continental Correspondent Denis Jenkinson and our late Founder Editor Bill Boddy. Today it continues to be the authoritative voice on the sport with Editor-in-Chief Nigel Roebuck and Editor Damien Smith continuing in the footsteps of DSJ and WB.