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Saturday 4th July 2015


Formula 1

Ferrari’s 2016 drivers

It looks like Vettel will have a new team-mate next season. But which of the available (and not-so-available) drivers will it be?

Most recent

British Grands Prix through the decades

Looking back at key moments from 1955, 1965, 1975 and 1995

Red Bull’s complaints are hurting Formula 1

F1 might be struggling in certain areas, but that’s no reason to act without dignity

Grid penalties galore in Austria

While penalties are appropriate, the manner in which they’re dealt out could to with some simplification…

2015 Austrian GP report

Victory for Rosberg – does his title challenge start here?

How long will Red Bull continue in F1?

Mateschitz: “We are losing our motivation. We’re no good at playing the expensive cameo role”

A brief history of the Austrian Grand Prix

From bumpy airfield to emasculated roller coaster, the Austrian Grand Prix’s always thrown up surprises and great battles

Alonso drives the ex-Senna McLaren MP4/4

In memory of Ayrton Senna McLaren lets Fernando Alonso loose in the MP4/4

A rare dull race in Montréal

The law of averages catches up with the Canadian Grand Prix

2015 Canadian GP report

Hamilton takes the victory ahead of Rosberg and Bottas

How to run Formula 1

Damien Smith looks at a new leadership structure for Formula 1. Bernie and the F1 Strategy Group are out, but there’s a role for former Diageo boss Paul Walsh

Great moments from the Canadian GP

Memories of great races at St Jovite, Mosport and Montréal

Ferrari/Haas: the loophole

Ferrari’s interpretation of the rules has left its rivals fuming, but it’s all above board according to the FIA

Classified spotlight: Jaguar R3

Disappointing in period, this stunning Jag nevertheless propelled Eddie Irvine to the Monza podium

Why Michelin would be good for Formula 1

Michelin has expressed interest in returning to F1. Here’s why the sport needs it

Monaco moments

Mercedes’ fumble, a more mature Hamilton, impressive rookies and a McLaren in the top 10: Monaco had its fair share of talking points

2015 Monaco GP report

Rosberg emerges victorious after a strategic blunder cost Hamilton a race he had led from the start

F1 to be six seconds faster, but 1000bhp dead

What F1 proposes to do about its current form and why solutions could only mask more problems

F1 revolution

The GPDA will launch a fan survey in Monaco. Here’s a reminder of what we think needs to happen in F1

Formula 1 photo galleries

Motor Sport on Formula 1

Motor Sport was reporting on Grand Prix (F1) racing long before the World Championship started in 1950. It soon became the place to catch up on all the racing in Britain, Europe and even as far afield as Australia and America thanks to the work of our late Continental Correspondent Denis Jenkinson and our late Founder Editor Bill Boddy. Today it continues to be the authoritative voice on the sport with Editor-in-Chief Nigel Roebuck and Editor Damien Smith continuing in the footsteps of DSJ and WB.