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Grand Prix Special, Malaysia – Practice, full results

f1  Grand Prix Special, Malaysia   Practice, full results

So it appears that the promised rain, thunder and lightning has stayed away from Sepang, as both the first practices went ahead without so much as a drop falling on the Malaysian circuit.

Both the morning and the afternoon sessions were dominated by the Ferraris and it wasn’t until later on in the second that Hamilton managed to record a 1:35.055.

Almost all the teams managed to complete their programs although, worryingly for Red Bull, they suffered an engine failure. Here’s to hoping that this isn’t a premonition of things to come. If Webber and Coulthard could find just a little more ‘luck’, they would be challenging for points positions on a regular basis. As was mentioned after Australia, where Webber was involved in the first lap accident, “if something is going to happen; it’ll happen to Mark.”

f1  Grand Prix Special, Malaysia   Practice, full results

Button surprised perhaps even himself by finishing the second of the two practices in fourth place. But he was adamant that come tomorrow, he wouldn’t be so high up the time sheets. “I’m not interested in the position or the times today,” Button announced after the two sessions and, in a way, he has a point.

With most of the teams testing the hard and soft compound tyres and making tweaks to set-ups, one of the last things they are concerned with is where they appear on the lap times. They score no points for topping a practice timesheet, and they have tomorrow to really push the cars in the final session, for now the important thing is to get the cars working properly.

f1  Grand Prix Special, Malaysia   Practice, full results

But that certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t get an idea of who is adapting well to the humidity in Malaysia, even if some of the results can be a little misleading. I don’t think that Button, Trulli, or indeed Fisichella will stay as competitive as they were in the second practice. Of course, there is always the possibility that we have another first lap crash extravaganza as some of the drivers are pushing ‘non-traction control cars’ too hard on lukewarm tyres but besides this, I suggest the Ferraris are going to be extremely hard to beat, Hamilton may well trouble them but he is going to have to get his set-up absolutely spot on since he is in what seems to be the slower car.

f1  Grand Prix Special, Malaysia   Practice, full results

Which other team could be in the points is a hard one to call; although the Renaults looked quick in the first session, they failed to improve enough in the second and were bumped down to 14th and 15th place, the BMWs are there, as are the Williams’.

Whatever happens it’ll be a close run thing; in the second practice a second on the timesheets covered as many as 8 cars. Bring on qualifying.

Practice 1

Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1. Massa Ferrari 1:35.392 20
2. Raikkonen Ferrari 1:36.459 +1.067 8
3. Kovalainen McLaren 1:36.556 +1.164 21
4. Rosberg Williams 1:36.578 +1.186 23
5. Hamilton McLaren 1:36.626 +1.234 17
6. Alonso Renault 1:37.022 +1.630 18
7. Piquet Renault 1:37.034 +1.642 28
8. Kubica BMW 1:37.218 +1.826 9
9. Button Honda 1:37.282 +1.890 17
10. Trulli Toyota 1:37.540 +2.148 24
11. Heidfeld BMW 1:37.649 +2.257 17
12. Nakajima Williams 1:37.649 +2.257 18
13. Barrichello Honda 1:37.776 +2.384 20
14. Glock Toyota 1:37.782 +2.390 27
15. Vettel Toro Rosso 1:38.219 +2.827 26
16. Coulthard Red Bull 1:38.232 +2.840 7
17. Webber Red Bull 1:38.707 +3.315 12
18. Bourdais Toro Rosso 1:38.798 +3.406 25
19. Fisichella Force India 1:39.046 +3.654 21
20. Sato Super Aguri 1:40.178 +4.786 11
21. Davidson Super Aguri 1:40.351 +4.959 14
22. Sutil Force India 1:41.269 +5.877 5

Practice 2

Pos Driver Team Time Gap Laps
1. Hamilton McLaren 1:35.055 32
2. Massa Ferrari 1:35.206 +0.151 33
3. Raikkonen Ferrari 1:35.428 +0.373 36
4. Button Honda 1:36.037 +0.982 40
5. Vettel Toro Rosso 1:36.474 +1.419 35
6. Trulli Toyota 1:36.493 +1.438 38
7. Kovalainen McLaren 1:36.512 +1.457 30
8. Kubica BMW 1:36.671 +1.616 33
9. Fisichella Force India 1:36.756 +1.701 37
10. Nakajima Williams 1:36.838 +1.783 34
11. Barrichello Honda 1:36.879 +1.824 38
12. Rosberg Williams 1:36.908 +1.853 36
13. Heidfeld BMW 1:37.106 +2.051 35
14. Alonso Renault 1:37.328 +2.273 23
15. Piquet Renault 1:37.331 +2.276 42
16. Webber Red Bull 1:37.346 +2.291 37
17. Glock Toyota 1:37.512 +2.457 35
18. Sutil Force India 1:37.614 +2.559 35
19. Sato Super Aguri 1:39.021 +3.966 27
20. Davidson Super Aguri 1:39.361 +4.306 30
21. Bourdais Toro Rosso No Time
22. Coulthard Red Bull No Time

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4 comments on Grand Prix Special, Malaysia – Practice, full results

  1. Richard Merriman, 22 March 2008 00:19


    Nice report. I still think you should consider Qual and race reports like these for the mag. Won’t mention this again.Promise. What do you think of the news that F1 is back on the Beeb? I love the idea.


  2. Derek McLintock, 22 March 2008 03:14

    What an excellent website! I have just found you due to the insert in my last copy of Motor Sport. Like Richard (above) I too regret the loss of F1 race reports in the Magazine. I browse my copies from the seventies and it brings back so many memories. Perhaps you could do the instant reportage here and a summary (or overview) of the season as an annual edition of the magazine. I always enjoy your contributors’ articles which give a great insight from both the journalist’s and the driver’s perspective.

    This is a great addition to the Magazine.

  3. Ed Foster, 22 March 2008 08:09

    Well we will be having the Roebuck column in the magazine so you’ll have a monthly review! Did you see the qualifying? I am starting to wonder whether this is more interesting than the race…

  4. Ed Foster, 22 March 2008 13:16

    Dear Richard,

    It’s great news that Formula 1 is back on the BBC… no more advert breaks!

    I’m pretty sure they would have made a huge effort to get it back now that Hamilton is drawing in such large crowds, and of course because it is so much more watchable.


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