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Thursday 24th April 2014


F1 Opinion

F1 team principals

Lee McKenzie discusses the team principal role in F1 after the resignation of Stefano Domenicali and the return of Ron Dennis.

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F1′s minimum weight limit

Nigel Roebuck looks at the problems caused by Formula 1′s minimum weight limit

Overtaking your team-mate

After watching Massa and Bottas in Malaysia Andrew Frankel sought the opinion of Sir Stirling Moss

Driver rotation: gimmick or fix?

Mark Hughes wants to know what you think about the idea of driver rotation between teams in Formula 1

Why F1 will be worth watching this year

Andrew Frankel is looking forward to the return of uncertainty – and oversteer – to Formula 1

Turbo veterans give their take on 2014

Rob Widdows speaks to Jackie Oliver, Patrick Head and Martin Brundle about what might lie in store this season

The aesthetics of the Formula 1 nose

Paul Fearnley on F1′s new noses and the previous debates over front-end aesthetics

Bernie Ecclestone: the end of the road?

Damien Smith wants to know what you think should happen next if Bernie Ecclestone’s time in charge is up

The teenagers are coming

Rob Widdows gives his opinion on the current crop of young drivers racing – and paying – their way into Formula 1

Celebrating Vettel

The BBC’s Lee McKenzie on how special Sebastian Vettel’s achievement – becoming a four-time F1 World Champion – really is

Something has to be done in Formula 1

Andrew Frankel proposes a radical change to the Formula 1 weekend in an attempt to shake up the status quo

Racing’s largest drivers

Paul Fearnley weighs in on Nico Hülkenberg’s dilemma and the larger drivers through history.

Ricciardo vs Vergne

Ricciardo has a seat at Red Bull for 2014, but what happened to Vergne? Trevor Carlin gives his thoughts on the Toro Rosso driver.

My dream F1 season

Grand Prix teams are braced for a tough 2014: a radical new formula to be played out over a record …

Webber’s Singapore reprimand

The second that Mark Webber, admittedly while stood at a well-lit street corner, accepted a lift in strange circumstances, I …

Hamilton’s emotional Italian roller coaster

It’s never nice to be at the receiving end of boos like Sebastian Vettel was on Sunday, but bizarrely Lewis …

Italian Grand Prix – epilogue

So Monza is over for another year, and this time the race was hardly a thriller. Afterwards Sebastian Vettel pointed …

Notes from Spa

I have just returned from Spa after a weekend of impossible privilege in the F1 Paddock Club at the Belgian …

Webber’s choice familiar to Blundell

In my last column here on the Motor Sport website I talked about stepping down from racing with United Autosports …

Motor Sport on F1 Opinion

While our late founder editor Bill Boddy was  working at the Royal Aircraft Establishment he met Denis Jenkinson, and, impressed by his knowledge and no-nonsense attitude, asked him to write for Motor Sport. It proved a memorable partnership. Jenks became our continental correspondent, roaming Europe all summer, visiting race teams in between Grands Prix and sending back lively, incisive reports which became the definitive analysis of the sport. Our editor-in-chief Nigel Roebuck continues to provide that same incisive opinion on Formula 1 today.