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Friday 12th February 2016


F1 Opinion

Is Honda’s ‘size zero’ obsolete?

Honda continues to keep the turbo within the vee of its engine while Mercedes’ compressor is already too big for that. Is Honda holding itself back?

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Renault’s Formula 1 return

Enstone is emerging from dark days and there’s a strong, passionate core who want to see it return to former glories.

The trouble with Dr Marko…

A grateful and humble Red Bull advisor? Perhaps Helmut Marko “should just shut it?”

Peace In Our Time? Maybe…

The power unit questions seem to have been answered and Ecclestone hasn’t wrestled control back

F1 about to score another own goal?

Why the 2017 Formula 1 regulations are set to disappoint even more than we first thought

Why Formula 1 needs Ferrari

Does the great Italian brand need F1? Sergio Marchionne may not think so…

F1 2015: beyond our top 10

The top 10 drivers of 2015 have been profiled in the magazine, but what of the bottom 11?

The Roebuck-Hughes Show II

Nigel Roebuck and Mark Hughes answer readers’ questions

Lee McKenzie podcast

An hour of Lee’s unique insight into the F1 paddock and what’s really going on at the moment.

F1′s aerodynamic Catch 22

OK, so it looks like we are not going to get the mooted twin turbos or turbo V8s – but …

Ferrari’s firings

The latest batch of Ferrari firings and why the Italian outfit could learn from Williams

Farewell to Marussia

What the low key team brought to the paddock has been about more than results

Audi to enter F1?

Why last week’s rumour is nothing more than speculation… and why it might contain a grain of truth

Mansell vs Hamilton

Comparing two of Britain’s greatest and most divisive world champions

Radio interference

Why F1′s radio restrictions are a good thing – and how the teams could work around it…

F1 faces challenges

Booing at Spa, mistakes at
Monza and a change of
management at Ferrari

In praise of Derek Warwick

Why the 1992 Le Mans winner deserves recognition

F1 – beware of the dog

How teams are streamlining their operations to avoid spending the season with a dog of a car

F1 – it’s not so complicated

Why people in Formula 1 should stop creating problems when the existing ones are easy to fix

Motor Sport on F1 Opinion

While our late founder editor Bill Boddy was  working at the Royal Aircraft Establishment he met Denis Jenkinson, and, impressed by his knowledge and no-nonsense attitude, asked him to write for Motor Sport. It proved a memorable partnership. Jenks became our continental correspondent, roaming Europe all summer, visiting race teams in between Grands Prix and sending back lively, incisive reports which became the definitive analysis of the sport. Our editor-in-chief Nigel Roebuck continues to provide that same incisive opinion on Formula 1 today.