Club News



ON Saturday, September 5th, the club will hold its annual Brooklan.ds meeting which is open to members of all clubs affiliated to the South-Eastern Centre of the A.-C.U. driving cars, and. also to members of the J . C. C., the M. G.C. C. The Light Car Club and the North-West London M.C.

The first event will take place at 10.30 a..m. All the enclosures will be open to the public, the price of admission being 2s. 6cI. per person, cars 2s. 6d. children Is. 3d. Admission to the grand stand will be Is. (children 6d.). Members of the promoting club will be admitted free (cars 2s. 6d..), and there will be no admission charge for cars or crews in the case of competitors. The program,me of events will consist of a one-hour's high-speed trial for cars, in which 850 c c cars must average 45 m p.h., 1,100 c.c. cars 53 m.p.h. and ears up to two litres 57 m.p.h. 'the entry fee is 10s. A similar event for three-wheelers and motor-cycles will be held at 12 o'clock. Other events include a relay race for ears and motorcycles for which the entry fee is 5s., a two-lap handicap race for threewheelers and motorcycles (entry fee 5s.),

and " The Brighton Road Race" on last year's " Double-Twelve" course (entry fee 15s.).


Members are reminded that the club has been inv;ted to compete in the following events :—Brighton and Hove M.0 Brooklands Meeting (September 5th) ; Sunbeam M.C.C. Speed Trials (September 12th)—for cars under 850 c.c. only ; West Kent M.C. half-day trial (October 3rd) and the Liverpool M.C. Reliance Cup Trial (October 24th).


The following are the results of the MidSurrey A.C. London to Barnstaple Trial, which was held on July 31st and August 1st :—

Surbiton Challenge Cup and Special Silver Cup for best performance : J. R. Temple (M.G. Midget).

Silver Cups : J. S. Drewett (Austin), F. N. Foster (Wolseley Hornet), H. S. Linfield (M.G. Midget S.), and R. Way (two-litre Rover). Silver Medals : W. R. Writer (M.G. Midget), E. J. Rrith (Wolseley Hornet), H. C. Hunter (Riley), M. W. B. May

(Aston.-Martin), J. S. de Freitas (Singer Six), and H. A. Close (M.G.).

Bronze Medals : G. B. Taylor (M.G. Midget), Mrs. M. Vaughan (Riley), and A. Negal (Morris Major).

Team Award : J. R. Temple (M.G. Midget), G. E. Taylor (M.G. Midget), and F. N. Poster (Wolseley Hornet).

" SUNB AC." An additional fixture has been

An additional fixture has been arranged for Wednesday, September 16th, on which date an evening car trial will be held. The course will be of an interesting but easy nature, and should prove attractive to newcomers to competition driving. The Old Crocks Run has been postponed from September 5th until October 10th. The September Members' Meeting will be on Sunday, September 6th, and will probably take the form of a run to Derbyshire.