Crocodile scales & historic tributes: F1's custom liveries and helmet designs for 2024 Miami GP


Two teams and four drivers will adopt new colours in their liveries and lids for the 2024 Miami Grand Prix — each more vibrant than the last, with an historical twist thrown in

RB Miami GP Livery

VisaCashApp RB's one-off design will be one of many in Miami

Red Bull

The Miami Grand Prix is F1’s first trip across the Atlantic after a long jaunt from Australia to China, and several drivers — plus some cars — will be sporting a holiday wardrobe.

Ever since the series began racing on the Florida coast in 2022, drivers and teams have adopted funky colourways to reflect the city’s vibrant atmosphere. 2024 is set to be no different, with at least two teams and four drivers opting for a different look.

From crocodile scales to historic tributes, here is every one-off livery and helmet design you’ll see at the 2024 Miami GP.


Every team’s one-off livery for the Miami GP


Miami GP Ferrari livery

An historic tribute for the Miami GP


It’s not quite as much blue as we may have expected, but it’s a new livery nonetheless.

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Marking its new sponsorship deal with HP — as well as 70 years since Ferrari began importing its cars to the US — the Scuderia is introducing a splash of blue into its predominantly red livery.

It won’t be the first time the shade has been used on a F1 car from Maranello, as throughout the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s it was used not only on driver overalls but also on wheel hubs and small pieces of bodywork.

It seems this has been the inspiration behind Ferrari’s chosen design for Miami, although many fans were wishing for something a bit more bold, in line with the North American Racing Team’s blue-themed liveries from the 1964 US and Mexican GPs.

But if it is bold you’re after in Miami…



Miami GP RB livery

RB have gone full Miami


RB appears to have been unable to choose one of the pastel shades associated with Miami, so has gone with the lot.

Seemingly out of nowhere, RB introduced one of the most popular one-off liveries in recent memory for the Miami GP, which pays tribute to the city’s vibrant atmosphere and traditional colours. Inevitably there’s a commercial tie-in too in the shape of sponsor Visa Cash App’s rainbow-coloured credit card.

The design itself is called ‘The Chameleon’ — ironic, due to the fact that it will make both Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda an unmissable sight on track.

“RB’s Chameleon Card livery is the perfect colour scheme for our first race in the US,” said team CEO Peter Bayer. “Since the team’s Las Vegas launch in February, we’ve taken some big steps forward, and we’re bringing fans on an exciting new journey.

“We can’t wait to see the Chameleon VCARB01 in action this weekend.”


Drivers’ custom helmet designs for Miami GP

Charles Leclerc 

Ferrari Charles Leclerc on-off helmet

Leclerc will blend into the blue of Ferrari’s one-off livery


In keeping with his team’s one-off livery, Charles Leclerc will rock a matching lid at the Miami GP which incorporates many of the same sponsorship logos, as well as the front-facing Ferrari badge and Monaco flag.

Ferrari’s long-term front driver will be hoping for a better weekend than he had here last year, when he crashed dramatically out of qualifying and climbed no higher than seventh in the Grand Prix.


Daniel Ricciardo 

Miami GP Daniel Ricciardo

Flames and bubbles for the Honey Badger in Miami


Following his ‘Pet Detective’-inspired helmet from 2022, Daniel Ricciardo will make his return to the Miami GP grid in a more aggressive style, with a flame-covered lid and paintwork that matches the new livery of his RB.

The Aussie has endured a spell of unfortunate accidents in recent races and will be looking to run ahead of his team-mate in successive races as he attempts to retain his F1 seat for next season — or even be promoted in place of Red Bull’s Sergio Perez.


Sergio Perez 

Perez Miami GP


Red Bull

Red Bull‘s Sergio Perez will aim to become the Mexican Minister of the Everglades this weekend, with a helmet design covered with crocodile scales. The reptiles are a regular sight for many locals and also act as the mascot for the Florida State University sports teams.

Perez came close to victory on the Floridian coast in 2023, but was unable to keep his team-mate at bay in the closing stages of the race. His season so far has been rather consistent, but he remains in search of a debut win in 2024. Could sprint race chaos in Miami result in a visit to the top step?


Max Verstappen 

Verstappen Red Bull custom helmet

Verstappen will rock a custom lid for all three races in the US

F1’s flying Dutchman will adopt a US-themed helmet for the Miami GP — the first of three stateside races set to take place in 2024.

“In the US I think the fans are very passionate,” said Max Verstappen. “They love motor sports in general not just F1. We’ve created a lot of nice memories here [already] in all the grands prix in Miami, Austin and Las Vegas.

Speaking of his helmet, he added: “The American flag; the light blue colours on it; the slick design; I’m definitely looking forward to driving this helmet around all the US tracks.”

Verstappen has not lost a single race on US soil since 2021 and on current form, that fact may remain unchanged throughout this weekend.


Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz Ferrari Miami grand Prix

“A touch of Azzurro Dino”

Carlos Sainz

In similar fashion to his team-mate, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz will be introducing “a touch of Azzurro Dino” to his normal helmet design — complete with a chilli and Spanish flags on the rear.

Sainz will be hoping to keep up his red-hot form in Miami after securing two podiums and one race win through the first four races of the season. Still without a racing seat for 2025, question marks are still surrounding the Spaniard’s future…will a win dressed in Dino blue rocket him to the top of Red Bull or Mercedes’ wish lists?


Esteban Ocon

Esteban Ocon

Designed by Richard Orlinski, Ocon’s lid celebrates the best of Miami’s sea-side location

Esteban Ocon

Esteban Ocon will rock a graffiti-style designed lid for the 2024 Miami GP, with his colourful race number and other arty words blended over the traditional colours of both Alpine and the Floridian city.

The Frenchman has made no secret of his frustrations with the team’s current performance and will be hoping to bounce back after a run of tough races.


Oscar Piastri

Oscar Piastri

You certainly won’t miss him!

Oscar Piastri

Bright and colourful, Oscar Piastri’s helmet design encapsulates the very best of Miami — complete with palm trees and beautiful sunsets.

The Aussie has not yet been able to match the performance of his team-mate, Lando Norris, through the first four races of the season, but with McLaren set to bring major upgrades to first of three US GP this year, he certainly possesses the talent to battle with the very best.

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