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Canadian Grand Prix, Qualifying

by Ed Foster, June 8th 2008

Lewis Hamilton looked like he had pole in the bag, but near the end of Q3...

Will F1 ever return to the USA?

by Gordon Kirby, June 6th 2008

After a nine-year run at Indianapolis, we are once again without a United...

The tales behind Neil Trundle

by Rob Widdows, May 28th 2008

It is not always easy to judge the mood within the long grey corridors, and...

Who needs overtaking?

by Ed Foster, May 27th 2008

If I was given a pound every time someone told me that they ‘didn’t watch...

Grand Prix Special, Monaco Qualifying

by Ed Foster, May 25th 2008

It's all change from last year when the Ferraris struggled to match the pace...

Grand Prix Special – Monaco – Practice 1 and 2

by Ed Foster, May 22nd 2008

The Formula 1 circus has come to Monaco and so far, apart from a few gentle...

What price good racing?

by Nigel Roebuck, May 22nd 2008

A week or so after the sad, but perhaps predictable, demise of the Super Aguri...

Mechanics, Monaco and memories

by Rob Widdows, May 19th 2008

First, a note of thanks. Last week I was talking about mechanics – you know,...

Calling all mechanics

by Rob Widdows, May 14th 2008

Monte Carlo, Monaco, May 18 1958. Roy Salvadori, Cooper T45-Climax, retired,...

There's nothing like a good PR stunt

by Ed Foster, May 12th 2008

As you can imagine, the hot topics of the weekend included Massa scoring his...

Grand Prix Special, Turkey – Qualifying

by Ed Foster, May 10th 2008

Massa is certainly in the right position to go for a hat trick of wins in...

Grand Prix Special. Turkey – Practice 1 and 2

by Ed Foster, May 9th 2008

So here we are in Istanbul, Turkey. The sun isn't quite shining, but it...

A night of no autographs

by Ed Foster, May 5th 2008

The night before the Formula One British Grand Prix, many of the drivers (Jarno...

Barcelona – all Greek to me

by Rob Widdows, April 30th 2008

I try to avoid being on holiday during a Grand Prix weekend. That’s not always...

Ferraris may not be as fast as we thought

by Ed Foster, April 28th 2008

So how much faster do we think the Ferraris could have gone yesterday in the...

Grand Prix Special - Spain, Qualifying

by Ed Foster, April 26th 2008

What a qualifying session! Massa, having set a quick time early on in Q3,...

Grand Prix Special, Spain – Practice, Full Results

by Ed Foster, April 25th 2008

So the European season has begun. Almost all 22 cars completed the two Friday...

Fry stirs up Honda

by Rob Widdows, April 23rd 2008

I set out, the other day, to talk to two of the Fat Cats of Formula 1. It was...

Is Hamilton up to the task?

by Ed Foster, April 21st 2008

Many people have recently been doing the time-honoured British press ritual of...

Super Aguri's bleak future

by Ed Foster, April 18th 2008

Aguri Suzuki (above) has released a statement saying that the "Super Aguri F1...



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