Good month, bad month - July 2024

Charting the ups and downs of the F1 circus


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Classic tracks
Imola was sweet relief for racing eyes after Bahrain/Shanghai/Miami –“I wish we had 24 of these on the calendar,” said Verstappen.



Overalls historique
Full respect to thrifty playboy Eddie Irvine for not buying new overalls, just using his old Jaguar garments for the Senna demonstration run at the Monaco Historique.



Light-up Lando
Norris’s Miami win was the rare bright spark the championship needed – individual brilliance shining bright.



Straight talking
Newey made his feelings on the Red Bull saga clear when asked when it was he decided to leave: “As events have unfolded this year.”


Points of order
Albon scored Grove’s first 2024 points in Monaco! (Excluding Sargeant’s two penalty points in China, of course.)





Trump that
The famously orange perma-tanned former US president visited the papaya team’s pitlane in Miami, prompting 1000 internet memes.



Boutsen the other foot
Both Max and Lando could have chosen to race under the Belgian flag, giving the country an Imola 1-2. Unlucky.


Tyred and emotional
If the championship is to be contrived enough to make two compounds mandatory, then why not just do it with all three? Monaco (and the rest of the championship) would be much better for it.



Gridlocked Monaco
For the first time in F1 history the top 10 finishing order was exactly the same as the grid positions at Monaco. Still, at least the crowd had local boy Charles Leclerc to cheer.



Driving through problems
Also at Monaco, Ocon decided if he couldn’t pass Alpine team-mate Gasly, he’d just drive over him instead – cue team boss Famin fury.