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Page 50 of February 1959 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, February 1959

Book Reviews

Pastmasters of Speed by Dennis May. 104 pp. 8-3/4 in. by 5-9/16  in. (Temple Press Ltd., Bowling Green Lane, London, E.C.1.  10s. 6d.) This book reprints from Motor Cycling  eleven of the 36 articles which Dennis May wrote for his "Pastmasters of Speed" series, which were featured in that weekly magazine from December, 1953, to September, 1955. The result is an entertaining and useful collection...

Page 56 of April 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, April 1989

Saloon racing in the Fifties and Sixties

A thing of the past Back in the days when you could eat your breakfast egg without expecting to die, when only young girls worried about slimming diets, when American vigilantes were unnecessary on London's Underground, and when all the Mary Whitehouses would have fainted simultaneously if condoms had been shown on television, saloon cars which are now regarded as Classics could be seen on the...

Page 25 of July 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, July 1934


THE MANNIN RACES HIGH SPEEDS ON NEW ISLE OF MAN "ROUND THE TOWN" CIRCUIT. pROFITING from the experience gained in last year's rapes, the Mannin Races, which were run at Douglas. Isle of Man, on the .30th May and the 1st of June, proved an unqualified success. The stands were well placed, the roads bridged at several points and full provision was made for spectators to move ablaut freely, while...

Page 33 of July 1932 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, July 1932


THE I.O.M. TOURIST TROPHY RACES THE JUNIOR T.T. ALL LAP RECORDS BROKEN ONCE MORE. FOR the first time in the last few years the practising period has been marked by good weather, and the many fast laps which had been put up, noticeably one by Simpson (Norton), at a speed of over 78 m.p.h., promised a terrific battle in the Junior Race. Unless something unexpected happened the winner would either...

Page 22 of January 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 22, January 1949

Club News

We Hear In Somerset an N.P. chassis, with Meadows engine, has come to light. On a derelict Beardmore taxi-chassis we discerned some 815 by 120 tyres, if anyone's veteran is on its rims. F/O Peter Coleby, D.F.C., weighs in with some remarks in defence of the S. F. Edge A.C.s, having owned a 1924 two-seater Anzani-engined model, which his wife drove nearly every day of the week. He refers to it as...

Page 16 of August 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, August 1935


fri I !11111 The M.C. Position LAST month the M.G. Car Company was acquired from Lord Nuffield by Morris Motors Ltd., and following on this came a statement that M.G.'s had decided to retire from the sphere of racing. This decision means a heavy loss to racing in England, but I learnt from Mr. Kimber that things were not nearly so gloomy as the first short announcement suggested. The facts are as...

Page 106 of June 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 106, June 1998

A memorable jubilee

Motor Sport came into being as The Brooklands Gazette in the summer of 1924, but a year later its name was changed to the one now used, as being more all-embracing. I began to contribute to it around 1936 and became its full-time editor by 1945, after piloting it through the war years by 'remote control', never seeing galley-proofs or being allowed to order printing blocks for new illustrations....

Page 9 of July 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 9, July 1939


" BIRA'S " WINNING HABIT E.R.A.s DO WELL IN NUFFIELD TROPHY. BUT NEW CAR A NON-STARTER FOR the second year in succession, Prince "B. Bira " of Siam won the Nuffield Trophy Race at Donington on June 10th with his E.R.A. This was the sixth occasion upon which the race has been run, and each year victory has fallen to an E.R.A., although this was the first time that the race had been a scratch event...

Page 72 of September 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, September 2004

Joker in the Pack

Charles Brackenbury was not only a skilful amateur racer he was also not averse to the odd practical jape, as Bill Boddy remembers While flying in a De Havilland Dragon to a motor race with Jenks, the chap in the seat behind us leant over and, with his cigarette-lighter, tried to set fire to DSJ's beard. It could only be that inveterate prankster, Charles-the-Brack. Brackenbury's interest in...

Page 18 of October 1943 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, October 1943

Sorting out speed!

(Continued  from the  August issue.) Having thought about how and when 100 m.p.h. was achieved in various classes over varying distances, the next exercise would seem to centre round about 120 m.p.h. This speed was first recorded on January 26th, 1906, by Marriott, whose Stanley steamer covered a kilometre at 121.57 m.p.h. and a mile at 127.66 m.p.h. This was a one-way timing at Daytona, and...



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