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Saturday 25th April 2015


Latest from Motor Sport

The week in motor sport, 25/04/15

Looking back over the ups and downs of the last seven days in motor sport

Penske vs Ganassi

IndyCar 2015 looks like a fight between two of motor sport’s powerhouses

Ginetta: Episode 2

How boss Lawrence Tomlinson came to be in charge of Ginetta and his vision of a GT ladder

Espíritu de Montjuïc

Helping to put Spain on the historic racing map

Márquez vs Rossi: the best tight fight ever?

A contest of talent, intelligence, aggression and high technology

From Bahrain to Europe

Saying goodbye to this round of fly-away races with another relentless Hamilton victory and a stellar performance from Räikkönen

Should Mercedes build a GT4 race car?

AMG’s Tobias Moers wants to know what you think about entering the GT4 category

Classified spotlight: Mercedes-Benz 300SL

Mercedes has made a habit of winning over the years, and in dominant fashion. It did so in the 1930s, …

2015 Bahrain GP report

Hamilton wins again, but did team orders ruin the chance of a Räikkönen victory?

Nigel Roebuck

The power of nostalgia

Goodwood brought back memories of a simpler time, when the purist was well looked after

Amon and Alonso

Does Alonso have the same knack as Amon for leaving teams at the wrong time?

1000 horsepower

What the last era of 1000 horsepower F1 cars was like, and why the concept’s worth revisiting

Race reports

2015 Bahrain GP report

Hamilton wins again, but did team orders ruin the chance of a Räikkönen victory?

2015 Chinese GP report

Hamilton wins his second of the year while Rosberg fumes

2015 Malaysian GP report

Vettel wins at Sepang in only his second start for Ferrari

Hall of Fame

Alain Prost

51 Grand Prix victories, four World Driver’s Championships.

1976 Austrian Grand Prix.
James Hunt

Entering Formula 1 in 1973 with the hard-partying Hesketh team

McGuinness headshot
John McGuinness

McGuinness, the Morecambe Missile, is the son of a motorcycle mechanic

Ross Brawn

One of the most successful race car designers of all time

Motor Sport team

Andrew Frankel

After an inglorious stint in the City convinced him that he could handle cars…

Paul Fearnley

Having spent much of his formative years soaked and sideways in his…

Mark Hughes

Grand Prix editor of Autosport for 10 years, in previous lives he raced cars,…

Mat Oxley

As a racer, Mat is an Isle of Man TT winner and lap record…