Good month, bad month - June 2024

Charting the ups and downs of the F1 circus


Grand Prix Photo


Old bull rides again
Alonso’s regular heroics for Aramco Martin have been rewarded with a bumper contract extension – someone has to get the points for Team Silverstone.

Gold & Goose

Liberating racing
F1 owners Liberty has now purchased premier bike series MotoGP too. Will we see a crossover event coming soon?


Newey pastures
Rumours swirl of an Aston or Ferrari switch for Adrian Newey. C’mon mate, you’ve done all you can at Red Bull – make the change for the sake of our own entertainment.


Rising son
Tsunoda has manhandled brilliant performances from his RB junior car. VCARB is sixth so far this season on the strength of the young Japanese driver’s brilliance alone.

P1 Partridge
Formula Partridge (Russell) has quietly got on with things, scoring the solid points for Merc, while Hamilton ‘the champ’ moans on.




Not Swiss timing
Pitstop issues in almost every race for Kick Stake Mullet Who Cares (aka Sauber). You’d think after 30+ years of F1 as well as vast Le Mans experience they’d have worked it out by now.


Downhill Slope
After Alpine sacked anyone with any clue of what was going on – followed by a horrific start to 2024 – driver Esteban Ocon said the grid’s slowest team had actually somehow “gone backwards” even more since.

Brat attack
Another Lance Stroll masterclass in China – rear-ending Ricciardo under the safety car then complaining about his penalty.


Merc-y waters
Silver Arrows cars appear to have become worse year-on-year since 2022. Lewis must be dreaming of Italy already.


Honey Badgered
No points so far in 2024 for Daniel Ricciardo, and straight in the Suzuka barriers. Will things get better?