Gallery: the best of Gulf Racing liveries

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As McLaren and Gulf Oil reunite, we take a look back at the best Gulf liveries from motor sport history

McLaren Gulf 1

McLaren have produced a 'throwback' full Gulf livery for Monaco – reminiscent of some classic racing colour schemes


Painting a racing car in the zenith blue and sharp tangerine orange colours of Gulf Oil may have begun as a simple sponsorship deal, but the livery has since become one of the most iconic in the sport.

With the pedigree that comes from having graced Le Mans-winning cars, among other memorable machines across motor racing, the colour scheme is steeped in decades of history.

Gulf returned to F1 for 2021 after teaming up with the McLaren F1 team as a sponsor and becoming the “preferred lubricant supplier to McLaren Automotive”. Now, for the 2021 Monaco GP, a one-off full Gulf livery will adorn the MCL35s of Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo.

There’s also a good chance of seeing more of the Gulf colours at racing circuits in years to come, as the company is relaunching its racing fuels.

We’ve picked some of the greatest hits from its past: from the Le Mans-winning Ford GT40 to the Aston Martin GTs, clad in the unmistakeable Gulf colours – as well as the new ‘Gulf McLaren’.

This article was updated on May 17 2021.